Frequenty Asked Questions Before Starting Macrofit

Each round of Macrofit lasts for 4 weeks.

Absolutely! You can continue with the workout routine you had prior to starting Macrofit!

YES! You get a cheat meal each week!

MacroFIT is structured into 4 week rounds. You are billed upon purchase for the first 4 weeks of content. Then billed at 21 days into the first round (this is to give you access to pick meals and snacks for next round). From this point on you will be billed every 28 days. If you cancel during any round, you will still have access to your MacroFIT content until your account automatically closes at the end of your 28 day billing period.

A new round of Macrofit begins every Monday.

Submit your baseline data before your start date. Once your baseline data is entered, you can then select meals and snacks!

You will need a scale, food scale, meal prep containers, soft measuring tape, mini bands, and 3 sets of dumbbells . For women, a set of 5s, 8s, and 10s or 12s. And for men, a set of 10s, 15s, and 20's or 25's. Or whatever sets of dumbbells that best fit a "light medium and heavy" range for you. We have Amazon links to these items in our Shop. And if you already have these items, that's great! No need to buy new ones!

When you're busy and hungry- What do you do? You reach for the first thing readily available. By prepping meals, there's no reason to grab a doughnut in the break-room or pick up a burger through the drive thru. With meal prep available, you will always have a healthy, portioned meal ready to go.

No worries, we have over 20+ fast food/ chain restaurants in our "on the go" options. We tell you how to order and enjoy a guilt free meal that is similar in calories and macro breakdown. We do recommend that you try to limit "on the go" options to a few times a week. 

No! You choose multiple meals a week and can cook as you'd like. We recommend that you have your prepped meals readily available- but between OTG (on the go) options, a free meal each week, and simple meals, you can always change it up!